Support the Humanitarian School Adelia Felix, Tabarre, Haiti

Adelia Felix is a Grade 1 – 6 School that serves impoverished students in the communities of Dumornay, Truittier, Galette, Tapaje, and Soisson in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. The students are at least 3 years older than the traditional age for those grades, and they would not otherwise have an opportunity to get quality education and improve their lives.

The easiest way to support the school and their students is by providing student scholarships. Each scholarship is USD $150/student. The scholarships will assist with tuition, a daily meal (in some cases this is the only meal the student will have each day), and school supplies.

Education is the key to changing the trajectory of a child’s life. Make a difference by clicking the Donate button and making your contribution today.


We thank you in advance for your generosity!!