Farewell & Thank You

The Rotary Club of Charlotte End-of-the-Week would like to thank everyone who supported our Club throughout our 5+ years of operation.

Our goal was to build a legacy of service and make a difference in our local and Caribbean communities and we believe we have accomplished that.

We would like to thank our current and past District Governors and Assistant Governors who have been a part of our journey.

Special recognition goes to PDG Firoz Peera for initiating the Club, PDG Chris Jones as our Charter Governor, and PDG Luther Moore for bringing RI President Ron Burton to visit our Club on October 19, 2013. We also recognize current AG Mike Walker who has been guiding us as we make this transition.

Thank you to our sponsor Club, the Rotary Club of Charlotte South, especially club members Mary Staton and DG Scott Van Der Linden who were tremendously helpful as we started out on our Rotary journey.

To each and every guest speaker, donor, Rotary Club and other organizations we partnered with, we thank you.

As members of the Charlotte End-of-the-Week Rotary Club, we have enjoyed Engaging Rotary and Changing Lives, Lighting Up Rotary, Being a Gift to the World, and being a part of Rotary Serving Humanity. Wherever life takes us, whether to another Rotary Club or otherwise, we will continue Making a Difference in our local and global communities.





The Rotary Club of Charlotte End-of-the-Week will end operations effective July 1, 2018.